Danielle was just a little girl when she got started in the family business. She recalls spending cold, rainy winter and hot, dry summer weekends at the Berryessa Flea Market with her money pouch strapped to her waist selling wall paper, vinyl tiles and carpet swatches to eager do-it-yourselfers back in the late '80s and early '90s. Her parents, Kevin and Sun, both worked full time jobs during the week, and used their weekends to make extra money selling discontinued home remodeling materials at the local flea markets. The whole family worked weekends for 10 years until they finally saved enough money to start their own business. In February 1994, Kevin and Sun’s dream finally became a reality with the opening of Bullnose Tile on Rogers Avenue in San Jose.

The beginning was a rocky road just like so many other small businesses face. They invested their life savings and worked long days tirelessly to establish an earnest reputation. A lot has happened in nearly 25 years of growth. Danielle and her husband, Jim continue to run the business with an extended family of dedicated and hardworking employees, dependable suppliers, dear friends, and valued customers. Together they have made Bullnose Tile recognized as a highly respected industry expert, a leading distributor of metal profiles, and a direct importer of beautiful tiles from around the world. Theirs is a wonderful story of the American dream come true.